Pan Dulce Mexicano: Conchas ~ Mexican Sweet Bread: Shells

Conchas HWhen I traveled to Mexico for the first time in 2007, I took an extra suitcase with me just to fill with treasures that I would hopefully use in my Spanish classroom one day. I planned to stuff the suitcase with Spanish packaging, maps of different cities, posters, magazines, stamps, books, and just about anything I might be able to use someday for one of my lessons. While I did fill my suitcase with many of these items, some other unexpected things found their way into my luggage. Yes, I will confess. I am 100% guilty of bringing back pan dulce and other sweets from Puebla in my carry-on. I can still see my young college self explaining my pan dulce addiction to the Mexican security guard while he raised an inquisitive eyebrow.
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How to Dry Peppers ~ Como hacer Chiles Secos (and a Giveaway!)

Guajillos (H)I love color–bright, bold, vivid colors–sunshiney canary yellow, magenta Barbie pink, flashy lime green, and bold Frida Kahlo blue. Mexico bursts with color from its architecture to its textiles to its food. Mexican salsas range in color from bright orange (think habanero) to crimson red (I’m talking about that chipotle taquera salsa.) In my opinion, the most essential ingredient to a mind-blowing, flaming red salsa that explodes with flavor on your tongue is dried chiles.

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