Salsa Verde Cremosa ~ Creamy Green Salsa

Salsa Verde Cremosa #1 (H)In Mexico, tacos are usually eaten as a street food. It is not often that people make them in their homes as a dinner because there really is no point. Why? Well, in Mexico City, you can find a taco stand on practically every street corner. Just walk outside your door and, “Voila,” you’ve got a premium lunch, dinner, or late night snack.

In my opinion, one of the best parts of the taco experience is choosing what salsas you want to adorn your filling with. I am incredibly impressed by the extremely wide range of salsas that each taco stand has to offer. Sometimes, I feel like I frequent a certain stand simply because of the salsas they have. In Poza Rica, I got to try an unconventional peanut salsa on sopes, and one of the most notable salsas I ever tasted in Mexico City was this creamy chipotle salsa that this guy served with burritos, which are actually a very rare cuisine in central Mexico. But, in all of my experience at taco stands, one of the best things that I learned is that you don’t have to choose only one salsa. You can put as many or as few as you like. Hey, when you’re that girl who agonizes over decisions, the taco is the perfect solution. You can have it all. Every taco is a new palate that is ready to be accentuated with different colors and flavors. Every taco is a unique experience based on the fixings that you dress it up with. Yes, indeed the taco is my kind of food.
Salsa Verde Cremosa #3 (V)

With that being said, one salsa that always gets me excited is the creamy green salsa, which is often called salsa taquera and roughly translates to “the taco maker’s sauce.” It is a sort of liquid guacamole that makes any taco filling happy, and every taquero has his own special recipe.

For a while, the ingredients of this salsa eluded me. What was it? It was too flavorful to just be avocado, and it was too lush to be made with only tomatillos. It had this amazing velvety texture, and it’s flavor never competed with the taco filling.

For a while, I experimented with many combinations trying to find the one that suited my taste buds. Too much lime. Cilantro was overpowering. Consistency was too chunky. Holy wow, overly picante. Then one day, this salsa happened, and it hit the spot.

Salsa Verde Cremosa #4 (H)

Yes, if I had a taco stand, this would be my salsa taquera that I proudly offer. It goes nicely with anything from carnitas to steak tacos and can even be eaten with chips if you like.

There is no distressing over decisions with this salsa because every time you slap it on a taco, you’ll be a happy camper, and that’s a very good thing for a decision-torn girl like me.

salsa verde cremosa

Click here for printable recipe.  

Creamy Green Salsa (Makes about 1 ½ cups)

1 tomatillo/tomate verde (I used two small purple tomatillos.)

About ¼ cup white onion (Doesn’t have to be chopped)

1-2 serranos (I left seeds and veins in, but if you want less heat you can remove them.)

¼ cup cilantro leaves

Juice from half of a lime (About 2-3 tsp)

¼ cup water

½ tsp salt

1 avocado, split in half

→Cut tomatillo in half and place in blender. Add onion, serranos, cilantro, lime juice, water, salt, and half of the avocado.

→Blend on medium speed for about 30 seconds until everything is combined.

→Add the other half of the avocado. Pulse until it is incorporated. Sometimes, I like to have a few chunks of avocado in the salsa. This is why I pulse the second half of it.

→Taste and adjust salt, lime, water to your liking.


  • Tomatillos are quite acidic. I like to add them for flavor, but don’t overdo them or your salsa will have an overly tangy bite.
  • I’m loving these purple tomatillos that are growing in my garden. They have the flavor and texture of the larger tomatillos, but they seem slightly mellower in terms of the acid. Tomatillos are extremely easy to grow! The plants get huge (like a small tree), but they yield so much fruit.
  • You should always test the strength of your peppers by cutting them open and smelling them before adding them to any salsa. You will be able to smell if they are hot. Start off with fewer peppers, and add more if you would like it spicier.
  • If you would like your salsa to be milder, you should add one serrano rather than two. However, I find that the avocado balances out the spiciness of the serranos.
  • I love cilantro! Sometimes, I add more, but the amount listed here is very balanced. If I’m in a hurry, sometimes I just throw the cilantro leaves and stems together in the blender.

6 thoughts on “Salsa Verde Cremosa ~ Creamy Green Salsa

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Tracey!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! Thanks for letting me know. We love this salsa on tacos, with chips, and on veggies! 😋💚😋💚

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