Nieve de Mango ~ Mango Sorbet

Nieve de Mango (H)

Mangoes are the sun deities of the fruit world. Their apricot-colored skin almost glows, and the fleshy fruit found inside is bursting with an unmatched sweetness that screams summer. They add cheerful splashes of color to the springtime markets of Mexico, and their texture and flavor is incomparable–so much so that their distinct taste will forever transport me back to my first trip to Mexico.

Nieve de Mango (V)

I clearly remember those rainy June nights in Puebla sitting around the dining room table talking with my wonderful host family. They introduced me to the happy, just-the-right-size Manila mango, which was always my after-dinner dessert of choice. I would peel back the sunny skin like a banana and nibble on the sweet fruit. The juice never failed to dribble down my hands, and I always ended up a sticky mess. There are certain words in Spanish that I vividly remember learning, and I know that this is where I learned pegajoso (sticky). I savored every bite of those Manila mangoes knowing that I wouldn’t be able to find them back in the U.S. (Pittsburgh, PA)

However, a few years ago, these little beauties, also know as champagne or honey mangoes, started popping up at Sam’s Club. Who would ever believe it?!

When I saw the cases of these mangoes hit the shelves this spring, I immediately snatched one up. I let them slowly ripen and get slightly wrinkly to ensure maximum sweetness.When they were just perfect, some magic happened. I transformed them into this silky smooth nieve de mango or mango sorbet. With just three ingredients (fresh mangoes, water, and sugar), this recipes preserves the essence of this enchanting fruit.

Nieve de Mango (V)

Can I say I fell in love again? This nieve de mango is absolutely amazing! I can’t help but feel nostalgic about those cozy rainy nights and sticky mango-juice covered hands.

A huge thanks to Lola from Lola’s Cocina. She shared this delicious recipe with me and has graciously allowed me to share it with you. The recipe can be found on her website or by clicking on the link below.

Nieve de Mango

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