Chile Mora

Chile Mora (H)

One chile that I couldn’t live without having in my pantry is the chile mora. There is something about its intense smoky flavor and rich burgundy-colored skin that makesΒ it almost sexy and alluring. If there is a line up of salsas on a table, my favorite almost always includes the chile mora. I love that it is so small, but yet so packed with spiciness, aroma, and taste. Take a look at some more information below about this sassy dried chile.

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Nieve de Mango ~ Mango Sorbet

Nieve de Mango (H)

Mangoes are the sun deities of the fruit world. Their apricot-colored skin almost glows, and the fleshy fruit found inside is bursting with an unmatched sweetness that screams summer.Β They add cheerful splashes of color to the springtime markets ofΒ Mexico, and their texture and flavor is incomparable–so much so that their distinct tasteΒ will forever transport me back to my first trip to Mexico.

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