Salsa de Chile de Árbol ~ Chile de Árbol Salsa

Salsa Chile de Árbol #1 (H)

Do you remember those firecracker chile de árbol peppers that I was telling you about? Well, here is the salsa featuring those fiery devils. I love making this salsa to go with tacos, but tonight I made it to go along with some chicken and potato flautas. It was perfect!

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Chile de Árbol

Chile de Árbol #1 (H)

One of my favorite things about traveling to new places is learning about the traditions of that area. Every year in Veracruz, Mexico, they celebrate the New Year by creating a “old man” stuffed with clothing. They fill him with fireworks and ignite him at midnight. It is their way of saying goodbye to the “old year” and ringing in the new one.

These peppers remind me of those New Year’s firecrackers. They are long and skinny, and they have an explosive heat! I have a wonderful recipe for a chile de árbol salsa that goes great with tacos. I will be sure to share the recipe sometime soon.

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