Mondays in México: Carnes Asadas

Carnes Asadas

Carnes asadas and salchichón at home in Poza Rica, Veracruz

While I still have a few more books I would like to share, I was recently inspired to start another little project that I’m going to call “Mondays in México.” I saw the idea on Michelle’s blog, Simply Complicated. Each week, she is going to document the town where she lives in Guatemala by snapping a picture of her surroundings.

I decided that I wanted to do something similar with a little help from someone special. My boyfriend, Roberto, lives in Poza Rica, México, and he has so graciously offered to take a photo for me each week. Our focus, however, is going to be on the Mexican food scene.

So, every Monday let’s take a trip to Mexico! I know this will be a fun way for me to take a mental break from the cold and snow, and hope you, too can join us on this culinary tour 🙂


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