My Favorite Reads #2: Pati’s Mexican Table

Pati's Mexican Table

One of my more recent finds (published last March 2013) is this cookbook titled Pati’s Mexican Table. The author, Pati Jinich, grew up in Mexico City. When she was first married she moved to Texas and currently resides in the Washington, D.C.

Pati didn’t start out studying Mexico’s culinary history. In fact, she studied to be a political analyst and worked for some time in that field. But, she eventually realized that she loved cooking foods that reminded her of home, and she also happened to be pretty good at. With much encouragement, Pati switched careers and today is a chef, TV show host, food writer, and teacher. She even has a lovely blog which I enjoy reading from time to time.

Inside Pati's Mexican Table
What I like about Pati is that she is familiar with the true flavors of Mexican cuisine and knows how to adapt recipes so that they can be made in the American kitchen. This does not mean that she forgoes tradition and opts for a Tex-Mex style of cooking. But rather, she is familiar with what ingredients are available to the American cook. Her recipes contain ingredients that are readily available in many parts of the U.S., even those areas without a large Hispanic population.

I also like that Pati’s recipes are relatively simple and easy to make. She demonstrates that you can enjoy a delicious Mexican meal without putting in many labor-intensive hours bending over a stove. She shows you the everyday side of Mexican cooking with classics like chicken tinga and rajas con crema.

In addition, Pati puts her own Mexican spin on many American classics. She has recipes for Chipotle Mashed Potatoes, Ancho Chile Burgers, and Honey-Chipotle Ribs.

I enjoy this book when I’m looking for a Mexican-inspired recipe that won’t take me hours to make and still provides a nice burst of flavor.

Title: Pati’s Mexican Table

Author: Pati Jinich

Publication Date: 2013


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