Classic Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde #1

I must confess that I’m actually a salsa roja girl. I like it’s versatility. It can be light and fresh (think pico de gallo), bold and flavorful (think salsa de chipotle) or multifaceted (think salsa de chile guajillo). But, here I am with a green salsa recipe for you, and I will admit that I’m liking it…A LOT.

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My Favorite Reads #5: My Sweet Mexico

My Sweet Mexico Cover

So, here it is…the best of the best. I saved it for last. Without a doubt, Fany Gerson’s My Sweet Mexico is my most treasured cookbook. I have read its pages countless times, and I continue to be thrilled by every description, story, picture, and recipe.

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Mondays in México: La Parroquia

Café lechero at La Parroquia

Café lechero at La Parroquia in Veracruz, Veracruz

This week Roberto was in the port of Veracruz for work. He stopped at the iconic Gran Café de la Parroquia for lunch. He ordered the café lechero (pictured above) which is a must if you decide to visit. First, the waiters fill a small glass with strong coffee. Then, they pour warm milk into the glass holding the pitcher high above so as to make a frothy café con leche.

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My Favorite Reads #4: Truly Mexican

Front Cover

When I hear people refer to places like Chipotle and Mad Mex as Mexican restaurants, I always cringe a bit. Cheese dip and burrito  bowls just aren’t Mexican food. Even though I’m from the northeastern part of the U.S., I am lucky enough to know what the real stuff looks and tastes like, and I can safely say, there’s no comparison.

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Mondays in México: Carnes Asadas

Carnes Asadas

Carnes asadas and salchichón at home in Poza Rica, Veracruz

While I still have a few more books I would like to share, I was recently inspired to start another little project that I’m going to call “Mondays in México.” I saw the idea on Michelle’s blog, Simply Complicated. Each week, she is going to document the town where she lives in Guatemala by snapping a picture of her surroundings.

I decided that I wanted to do something similar with a little help from someone special. My boyfriend, Roberto, lives in Poza Rica, México, and he has so graciously offered to take a photo for me each week. Our focus, however, is going to be on the Mexican food scene.

So, every Monday let’s take a trip to Mexico! I know this will be a fun way for me to take a mental break from the cold and snow, and hope you, too can join us on this culinary tour 🙂

My Favorite Reads #3: Hugo Ortega’s Street Food of Mexico

Street Food of Mexico Cover

If you have ever been to Mexico but haven’t eaten the street food, then you’ve really never been to Mexico. A huge part of Mexican culture is standing on a street corner  savoring a delicious antojito over a brightly covered plastic plate. It is safe to say that most Mexicans can neatly do this without even so much as touching a napkin. I, on the other hand, have not yet mastered this art.

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